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We’re on a mission to power back-office operations, supercharge admins in their workflows, and spark legacy healthcare software with AI-first experiences.
Our Team
Our team has seen first-hand how ever-expanding burdens imposed by insurance have made running and growing a medical practice increasingly difficult. With growing prior authorization requirements and claim denial rates, providers are seeing lower revenue, higher staff burnout and higher costs to collect revenue, all while patient outcomes suffer.
Our vision is that each provider has a suite of AI co-workers that supercharge its staff by dealing with all the workflows related to insurance, meaning providers can spend less time on administrative tasks and more on what healthcare is meant to be about: patient care.

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Michal Miernowski
Michal Miernowski
Michal has spent years working with healthcare leaders in growing their practice, improving their operations and driving staff retention. Now, he wants to leverage his industry expertise and some of the latest AI technology out there to ensure that all healthcare providers have the potential to thrive.
Alvin Wu
Alvin Wu
A product leader at some of the most well-known consumer tech brands mixed with B2B software experience. Alvin has spent years building products that users love. He has decided to leverage his experience to build user-centric products in one of the sectors that lacks it the most: healthcare.
Wilson Wang
Wilson Wang
An ex-FAANG engineer, Wilson lives and breathes everything AI: before co-founding Amperos, Wilson was already building AI assistants for small businesses and developing voice AI, and he uses his free time to read into the latest LLM research.
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Amperos Health is based in New York City.

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