AI coworkers that get claims paid
Amperos Health supercharges your team by calling insurance and saving you time on burdensome administrative tasks.
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Hear Amanda, our first AI coworker, in action 👇
Call Insurance
Stop wasting time on calls with insurance.
AI Call
Let our AI call insurance to handle tasks like identifying why a claim was denied or checking on a claim’s status.
AI Call + Patch In
Want to handle the call yourself but don’t want to spend time on hold and punching in numbers? Let our AI queue up the call and patch you in right when a human picks up!
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Our AI coworker can also help you...
Draft Appeals
Instantly create strong appeals.
Generate Cover Letters
Automatically generate cover letters that reference payor polices for claim appeals.
Insert Your Task Here
Have other workflows or time consuming tasks you wish you had an AI coworker for?
Amperos Health can work with you to build custom healthcare AI assistants. Our team partners with you to design and build new AI agents for your use case.
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Read Policies
Quickly understand long PDF policies.
Chat with Healthcare PDFs
Ask our AI assistant about any payor policy document to quickly find the answers you need.
Always have the latest policies
Stay up to date on all payor policies that matter to you. Prevent denied claims because of payor policy updates.
We integrate with your existing systems
eClinicalWorksModMedWellskyCustom EHR
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At Amperos Health, security is at the forefront of everything we do
We are continually monitoring HIPAA through Drata, to ensure we always remain in compliance.
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